The content on this page was a joint-effort by neurodivergent vegans across the Globe in an effort to raise our voices and the voices of neurodivergent people that are routinely silenced.

In our quest to do this, we recognize consistent anti-oppression as a means to liberate not only ourselves but also all other marginalized communities – human and nonhuman. Without putting in the work to understand the interconnections of oppression, intersectionality, society sanctioned systems of oppression, (including racism, neuroableism/ableism, human supremacy, etc.) we will never move forward towards healing society.

To do this, we must center the most marginalized. We must raise the voices of those least heard. We must make a commitment to root out any bigotry within us in order to stop adding to the oppression of others.


Curator/Main Content: Julia Feliz Brueck

Logo: Danae S.

About the logo: the rainbow infinity symbol denotes neurodivergence (especially diversity in the neurodivergence movement and within the autism spectrum). The infinity symbol expresses the idea that, “Neurodiversity [a term coined by autistic¬† sociologist Judy Singer] is the diversity of human brains and minds, the infinite variation in neurocognitive functioning within our species. (Nick Walker)”.

*** is a Sanctuary Publishers Project – Working to help raise the voices of marginalized communities while building bridges to help all social justice movements embrace consistent anti-oppression. To donate to help keep this site going: Support Our Work