Language is often used to otherize and further marginalize oppressed groups.

Think about it: consider the type of language that has been derogatory and used against specific groups or words that have meanings and used to demean others.

Language is one way in which separations are made between communities considered “less than” and those that hold power.

In this case, we find that neurotypicalness is kept in place by otherizing neurodivergent communities.

Ableist words like stupid, lazy, dumb, crazy, and many more are just a few of the words that have demeaned neurodivergent communities simply because they see, experience, and respond to the world differently.

Alternatives to ableist language exist, so use them. Changing out language and making it less oppression is a very small act to support any marginalized community:










There is so much information already written on this topic, so we’ll keep this short.

Please do read up on ableist language and how, when used, it contributes to others’ otherization and oppression.


During interactions with neurodivergent people (and all other marginalized communities), remember: